Getting Started Online: Chasing Dollars and Rainbows to Make Money Online

Perhaps you’ve heard the frequently used internet term “BSO” – it stands for Bright Shiny Object, and it’s the bane of many a new online entrepreneur who is trying to make money online.

People who are new to the make money online world usually have a few obstacles to overcome as they master the learning curve: understanding new business models, learning online marketing methods, deciphering the whole technology aspect, and grappling with lack of confidence in their ability to succeed.

Because of these factors (and more), many people find themselves racing from one latest-and-greatest product or business model to the next. Experienced make money online marketers refer to this as Bright Shiny Object Syndrome, and sadly, it’s an all too common phenomenon in the online world.

What others call BSO Syndrome, however, I prefer to refer to as old-fashioned rainbow chasing. You find yourself implementing one business model but don’t get immediate results, so you start to doubt yourself and the system. Not having found the pot of gold on the first try, you default to Mad Scientist mode: “Hmmmm, Igor – if that didn’t work, I shall have to change a variable” - and start looking for the next rainbow (and its purported pot of gold) to chase.

The problem with this flawed line of thinking is that newbies often look to change the easiest variable, not necessarily the right variable. Your system may or may not be solid, but how would you really know after just one try?

But instead of committing to trying harder or adding more resources to this model (time, effort, money, networking, leveraging with JV partners,etc.), it’s far easier to just throw your hands up in the air, say “Well I tried”, and move on to the next rainbow.

Here is the secret and the absolute truth about Rainbow Chasing that I’ll share with you:

The Pot of Gold is right under your feet!

How, you say? How can that be – I don’t see it, it’s not leaping out of the pot and into my bank account – surely you’re mistaken!

Here’s the rub: yes, it’s been under your feet all along, but you have to do the WORK and DIG for it.

When you’re new and things seem tough; when you start to lose faith that it’s possible to earn a good living online; when you doubt yourself and your abilities at the deepest level – it’s time to look within and commit to working even HARDER (not change course willy nilly looking for another product or plan.)

So quit chasing rainbows. Commit to a course of action and stick with it. If it’s not working, find a mentor or a group of like-minded people to connect and brainstorm with them on a weekly or daily basis.

By being aware of the newbie tendency to leave one make money online model and chase another, you’ll already be developing into a higher level marketer while adding a deeper dimension of self-understanding.

So get your cyber shovel out and dig deep, my friend, dig deep!

Never give up on yourself or your dreams!

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