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  1. 23/05/29


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  2. 23/07/03


    We provide funding through our venture capital company to both start-up and existing companies either looking for funding for expansion or to accelerate growth in their company.
    We have a structured joint venture investment plan in which we are interested in an annual return on investment not more than 10% ROI. We are also currently structuring a convertible debt and loan financing of 3% interest repayable annually with no early repayment penalties.

    We would like to review your business plan or executive summary to understand a much better idea of your business and what you are looking to do, this will assist in determining the best possible investment structure we can pursue and discuss more extensively.

    I hope to hear back from you soon.


    Tigran Ayrapetyan
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  4. 23/08/02

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  11. 23/08/31

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  21. 23/09/21

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  22. 23/09/22

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  23. 23/09/22

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  24. 23/09/23

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